Are you using “Visits with Conversions” ?

Are you using Google Analytics to track the success of your website? If yes, great, you are already doing a good job.

Are you using Goals in Google Analytics? If yes, you are doing a terrific job (if no, click to read instructions on how to set them up).

Goals are great because they help you track conversions on your site. A conversion can be anything, for example:

  1. Subscribing to your RSS feed
  2. Becoming a member of your site
  3. Sale of a product
  4. Visiting your ‘About’ page

It is an important measure of the quality of your traffic.

Now, are you using “Visits with Conversions” segment when you are looking at your traffic stats? If yes, high five!

If no, still great as I will show you how can this improve your business.

Your typical Google Analytics dashboard might look something like this now.

justvisits Are you using Visits with Conversions ?

Normal GA dashboard

Great you would say, the site is doing good, it even got some extra traffic recently.

Now lets  click on segments on top-right of your dashboard and then select “Visits with Conversions”.

Dashboard Google Analytics 1307301693847 Are you using Visits with Conversions ?

Watch how the wealth of information unfolds.

visitswithconversions Are you using Visits with Conversions ?

Visits with conversions are important

You can see that although this site receives a lot of daily traffic, the actual traffic which converts is only a tiny bit of it.

Why is this important?

If you are spending time or money to get traffic to the site, it means that you could be wasting both time and money getting the non-converting traffic.

To find out how, from here  you can go to Traffic sources and find referrers which send traffic that converts (so you can boost your relation with them) and sources that are sending ‘useless’ traffic (cut them out).

Or you can access the Keywords data which shows what organic and paid keywords are actually worth your efforts.

Also, look at the chart above again. You can clearly see how converting visitors are more likely to engage with your site (6.94 pages per visits vs 2.51 site average, only 10% bounce rate and 10 minutes time on site compared to only 3 minutes site average).

This can help you identify good traffic vs bad traffic even if you do not have all goals set up.  Simply sort your data by these stats and look at highly engaging visits.

If you could pick one thing out of the following to give your site which would it be?

a) Tons of traffic

b) Tons of backlinks

c) Tons of high ranking keywords

d) Tons of conversions

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