Two great questions to ask yourself when hiring great talent

CAT THREATHiring process is one of the most tiresome thing that you as a founder have to do. Bad hires can have a big influence on the future of the company. While the advice like “Hire slow, fire fast” works well nobody tells you how to make that final decision to hire.

When hiring great talent it’s not all about the technical skills. It is also about the culture fit and your ability to work with them on a greater level in the future.

I found these two great questions that you can ask yourself after the interview is over.

  1. If this person created a startup company on their own, would I invest in them?
  2. If I had to sit next to them on a 6 hour flight, would I enjoy my time?

If the answer to both is yes, it is likely that you will enjoy working with that person. Hire them!

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