Here’s a tutorial on how to use Google Cloud Platform and install WordPress using Click to Deploy.

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If you don’t have a Google Cloud Platform, here is my tutorial on how to create an account:

Here are the steps to install and setup WordPress on Google Cloud Platform:
Login to Google Cloud Console 0:40
Start Cloud Launcher 1:04
Select Click to deploy WordPress 2:50
Change WordPress password 7:00
Change MySQL password for WordPress 7:41
Update WordPress and plugins 9:11
Create SSH key (private and public key) 10:12
Install SSH key on Google Cloud Platform 12:12
Test SSH key via Terminal 14:28
Connect via FTP (Filezilla FTP client) 15:49
Update A record of the domain 18:33
Test Website 19:09

Here is the command to generate SSH keys:
ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/[KEY_FILENAME] -C [USERNAME]

Here is the command to read SSH Keys:
cat ~/.ssh/[KEY_FILENAME]

To show hidden files on High Sierra: Press Command+Shift+. (period)

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Let me know if you have questions.

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