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How do they get away with this?

5065834411 d12669d487 m How do they get away with this?I think this would be a perfect title for a new series on Discovery.

I have to say that some things do not stop to amaze me, especially when big companies are concerned.

I recently had an email from Google that was triggered by some automated algorithm (wrongly), sent from a no-reply address, expecting me to perform an action for which there is no explanation what to do if the assumption was wrong like it was.

Trying to find a human or email contact on Google’s site leaves you stranded. There isn’t one! The most powerful Internet company in the world does not have a contact form or a telephone number on their site. How the heck are they getting away with that?

I purchased a plasma TV from Panasonic which is everything but cheap. The interface looks like it came from a 8-bit computer game, but that’s where the similarity ends, unfortunately for Panasonic’s reputation. 8-bit games were clever and fun, and this TV is all but.

I had to switch audio mode from SC3 (default) to SC1 for all of around 100 channels manually. This is operation involving around 6 clicks on the remote per channel. There is no global change mode. How in the world are they getting away with this?

I cringe in horror when I remember that I still need to arrange the channels, through an interface that looks like it was designed for robots, not humans. What the heck? Panasonic in 2011?! That’s not a new, inexperienced company, but a consumer electronics giant.

iPad? Wow, what a piece of crap. Bought it as I travel a lot and thought it would be ideal to carry it instead of a laptop so I can upload photos from my camera and share it online. Upload photos from your camera? Well that’s not a use case Apple had in mind. No sir, uploading images from your camera to Internet is not cool enough.

When I bought it  in one of the travels I could not use it for couple of days since I couldn’t activate. Nobody told me it needs to be activated through itunes on another computer.  Where do I activate the damn thing if I am traveling and why the shop doesn’t activate it for me? Assumption that the customer will have itunes ready around the corner is preposterous.

The best bit is that instead of the usual “Made in China” (which it is) iPad has “Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China”. What a hypocrisy. How do they get away with this?

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