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WordPress SEO Training Tutorial Part 3: How to Create SEO Optimized Content

 Learn how to write SEO optimized content for your wordpress blog posts. Discover the things you need to avoid and things you absolutely must do to have the most effective SEO content and quality writing for your readers. Please subscribe to my “HowToWebmaster” channel for more marketing tutorials: WordPress Tutorials SEO Tutorials Affiliate Marketing Tutorials Social Media Marketing E-Commerce Traffic Generation Lead Generation And much more! Want to learn more about marketing your business online? Go to , the online totally free web marketing school. Continue reading →

Dear Clients: Links Have Left the Building

 I rarely mention my job title in my personal social media circles. This is for a few different reasons: first, if you say the letters ‘S’ ‘E’ and ‘O’ together, you are just asking to be followed, retweeted, replied to, and generally overwhelmed with auto-responses from eager SEOs who are just waiting to pounce on […]
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