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WordPress 3 Cookbook Review

 I still remember the first blogs I made with WordPress. I chose WordPress because it’s so easy to use. But I also remember I spent lots of hours to find out which plugins I wanted to install and how to configure them. A couple of weeks ago, Packt Publishing released WordPress 3 Cookbook, that solves […] Continue reading →

My Husband Came with Dishes pt.2

 In the last installment we learned of my husband’s satellite television hobby and my 15 year long hatred of the dishes affixed to the side of my house.  Through the observation of a passing dogwalker, my perspective was changed and my husband’s dishes were validated.  The whole experience brought to light just how important it is […] Continue reading →

SEO off-page tehniques

 Some of the popular and must-do techniques are discussed here, 1. Web directories: Register your website in all possible web directories, so that you can get more visibility to visitors worldwide via these virtual directories. Website directories are like the yellow and white pages that are available for your phone numbers. When you place a […] Continue reading →

SEO at all costs

 I was recently approached by a fairly successful company (judging by their website’s Alexa of about 2k) offering SEO software for sale. They identified me as one of the top SEO’s who may like to test their software’s latest features (well thanks for that compliment, I hope it’s not the lie as the rest turned out to be). Well to cut the long story short, I wasn’t able to run the software at all (it has an installation for Windows which for some reason didn’t work). Continue reading →