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July And August Traffic Report

In this article I’ll show you my traffic report for the months July and August.

I went to Vietnam for 4 weeks in July and August. Luckily I prepared some articles which I published when I was traveling. So on holiday, I just had to publish my articles and I also tried to answer my mails and the comments. But it all worked out fine.

To see the evolution, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at my previous traffic report of the months May and June.

Traffic report of July 2011

Traffic report July 2011

Traffic report of August 2011

Traffic report august 2011

Traffic report of 2011

Traffic report 2011

Other stats

Google Pagerank: 2

Alexa rank: 207.495

Future plans

I’m writing a WordPress beginner tutorial which will be available as a download. I hope it will be ready in January 2012.

I’m also looking for some guest articles writers. It’s not easy to find some good ones, but I’m sure that I will be able to publish some guest posts in the coming months.

I have a lot of work for the moment, but I’m planning some new tutorials. For example about the Header issue of Artisteer and how to solve it!


Although I went on holiday during the last 2 months, traffic kept growing! And I’m very happy with that. I hope to reach 10.000 visits / months in the coming months. I’m sure I’ll succeed by the end of 2011. That gives me the power to go on and to plan and write even more articles and tutorials. I hope my next report will also be as positive as this one!

May and June Traffic Report

 It took some time, but here’s a new traffic report. The reason I create this traffic report is that it can be interesting for other beginning bloggers to see the evolution. For me, this is an extra motivation to “perform” better month after month.After a month of writing less (April), I decided to write a bit […] Continue reading →