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100+ Stunning WordPress Themes for Free

In this post I’ll reveal where you can find professional looking WordPress themes for FREE. Yes! There are some websites where you just can download stunning WordPress themes without having to pay a cent! And if you think these free themes are crap, you’re so wrong. Let’s take a look!

But before we start, let me answer a question… Why should somebody give a theme away for free that costed him / her so many hours of hard work? Well, there are some reasons.

Giving something away for free is a great way to attract new visitors / future customers. It’s possible that you’ll download the first theme for free, but that you’ll buy the second one. Or maybe it’s just a way to sell (extra) services. Some designers develop a theme to get known. And there are many more reasons to think about.

But this means that all those designers want to deliver a great product. Because if you like this free product, maybe you’ll buy another one… That’s why these “free” themes are from high quality in most cases!

Okay, enough said. Let’s take a look where we can find those free themes!

1) Free Themes Directory Free Themes Directory

This is the first place where you should take a look! lists the most popular and the newest free themes at one place.

Where to find?

Go to and choose Extend > Themes in the menu (or click here). On the right you can select the most popular or the newest themes.

Hard to get?

Simply click the download-button.

Something extra?

Don’t forget you can also search and install these themes in your WordPress installation. Just log in as an administrator and select “Appearance” > “Themes” in the  left menu. Click the “Install Themes” tab on the top. Now you can search and install the theme you want!

2) WooThemes free WordPress themes

WooThemes Free Themes

WooThemes is a company that creates commercial premium themes, but sometimes they also release FREE premium themes!

Where to find?

Go to and click on “Our themes” on the top menu. Then click on the “Free” Category.

Hard to get?

Just click the “Download this free theme” button :-) .

Something extra?

The WooThemes have more theme options (after you installed the theme).

3) Artisteer Free Themes

Artisteer Free Themes

Artisteer is software which lets you create beautiful and professional looking themes for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML,… Since a couple of months, you can download free samples on their website.

Where to find?

Go to and click on “Samples” on the left menu. Then select the theme you want. You can also browse different categories.

Hard to get?

Just click the WordPress icon. Then there will show up a link to download the theme.

Something extra?

You can also download the Artisteer files. Using the Artisteer software (for more information, click here to read my review) you can edit the theme to suit your needs! The Artisteer files are for free, but you need a license for Artisteer 3 (starting at $49,95 for the Home & Academic version).

If you already have Artisteer 3, this is also an excellent way to explore all the possibilities of the software.


Just as WordPress software, it’s also possible to find the right design for your website or blog for free. This is very interesting for people looking for a cheap solution, without ending with a cheap-looking website or blog. For most of us, a free theme is also the first step when looking for a design. With so many free themes, it’s almost impossible to not find a theme that suits your needs!