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May and June Traffic Report

It took some time, but here’s a new traffic report. The reason I create this traffic report is that it can be interesting for other beginning bloggers to see the evolution. For me, this is an extra motivation to “perform” better month after month.After a month of writing less (April), I decided to write a bit more articles in May and June. I’m also glad to see this resulted in a growing number of visitors! So, at this point, I already can tell you that the more articles you write, the more visitors you will have.

Traffic report

Traffic report of May 2011

May Traffic Report

Traffic report of June 2011

traffic report june

June was an amazing month. The number of monthly visitors kept growing, and June was till now the biggest growth ever for WordPressNinja. I wrote an article that became very popular (How to add a jQuery datepicker to your Contact Form 7). I also know now that reviews and tutorials are the most popular articles on this blog. So, in the future I will continue to write more reviews and tutorials.

Traffic report of 2011

traffic report 2011

So, this is the result for the first 6 months of 2011, and also the first 6 months of WordPressNinja.Com. As you can see, number of visitors is still growing month after month. It’s still my goal to get 10.000 pageviews a month by the end of 2011.

Traffic sources of May 2011

resources may

Traffic sources of June 2011

resources june

As you can see, I start to get some traffic from other web sites too. I’m very happy with that because it’s an extra revenue of visitors. I hope to continue this trend!

Other stats

Google pagerank: 2

Alexa rank: 309.242

Twitter followers: 1.415

Future plans

I’m going on holiday now, so I don’t know if I’m going to publish new articles in the next 30 days. I hope traffic will be steady in July and August.


May and June where good months for my traffic report. I hope to continue this way, but first I’m going to enjoy some vacation. I’ll restart writing articles in the end of August, begin of Septemer. We’ll see. I’ll also publish a traffic report in September, so we can see if I lost a lot of traffic during going on holiday.