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WordPress Forms With Payment Integration Using 123 Contact Form

Whether you are a web freelancer, a provider of online resources or even a retailer, you are definitely selling. The key to reaching a mass public are sales through the www, everybody knows that. When it comes to dealing with online orders and receiving retribution, perhaps the most efficient interface with clients is a form. This article shows how you can use the 123 Contact Form website and plugin for WordPress to create slick forms with payment integration.

123 Contact Form Overview

At first, to be stated: the form that displays your products and allows you to receive payment can be a dedicated order form or even a simple contact form. What’s important is just to have the integration at hand with the form builder you use, so that you won’t need to personally contact the payment processors and set up the coding of your forms. That would require more time and effort that you may be willing to give on this.

We are now going to cover the stages of creating a simple WordPress contact form with order fields and payment integration. To keep things simple, we are going to name it “order form” from now on. Just 3 steps that give you a small piece of embeddable code and we’re good to go!

For posting any type of form on your blog, first you need to install the 123ContactForm plugin for WordPress.

Install the 123 Contact Form plugin for WordPress

Step 1

Download the 123ContactForm plugin for WordPress (from the plugins directory).

Plugins Directory

Step 2

Install the plugin to your WordPress database:

  • unzip and move the downloaded folder 123contactform-for wordpress into your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory;
  • access your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins tab -> click on the Activate button for the plugin named 123ContactForm for WordPress.

Create Your WordPress Form With Payment Integration

Now you create your WordPress form with payment integration using 123ContactForm. This requires having an account to the website.
  • Go to and log in.
  • In the Dashboard, click Create a new formand choose the desired type – order form.Form Types
  • Edit the preexistent fields as you wish – create new labels, change the form layout. You have also options for field validation (phone number, e-mail address)Order Form 2
  • Once you are done, go to 2 – Form Settings, Payments tab. Make sure you have checked Enable payments for this form. Merchant setup allows you to choose the currency and the payment processor(s) you would like to use: PayPal, Google CheckOut or Authorize.Net. Next, choose prices for the options in the products field in the Assign prices area. You can customize Notifications.
    Assign Prices
  • Choose the security options for the form. The anti-spam options include CAPTCHA and smart CAPTCHA, password protection, country filter.
  • The third and last step – Publish form. Here you can choose the type of connection used for sending data and you may opt for SSL. For embedding the form to WordPress, choose the WordPress option in the menu on the left. It returns a line of code.
    Get Code
  • Copy and paste the code in the place you need it on your WordPress page.WordPress link in post

Alternative Way of Integrating a 123 Contact Form

There is one more way of publishing forms into your WordPress website – an on-page one, which allows multiple form insert without accessing your 123ContactForm dashboard each time.

  • Log in to 123ContactForm and go to My Account section. At the bottom of Account Details, spot the API Key. The initial status of it is none (create now). Press Create now. Copy the API Key that has been generated.
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and edit your post in the Visual mode (not HTML). The 123ContactForm icon already is in your menu. Click on it, paste the API Key in the lightbox that appears and press Connect.WordPress editor button
  • You have a dropdown list with all the forms you have created with 123ContactForm. Choose the form that you want to publish and press Embed. That’s it!WordPress sample post


All in one is what you get from 123ContactForm – builds any type of form or survey, fully featured with 3rd party apps integrations and CSS styling (along with the traditional contact form for WordPress). The intuitive WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to create even for users with less programming experience. As it was said above, 123ContactForm integrates with three main payment processors: PayPal, Authorize.Net and Google CheckOut. You can use the forms created with 123ContactForm even if you don’t have a website! Once built, the forms showcasing your products can also be disseminated through email or social media.

Author Bio

Authored by Laura Moisei – Working in the 123ContactForm marketing team, I’m a WordPress enthousiast and a casual photographer. I love to keep in touch with the latest tech news and spread the word around.