5 Simple Tips For Instant Blogging Success

In this article I’m going to share some tips I used to start WordPressNinja.com. It’s not that simple to create a blog and have instant audience. No, attracting visitors is hard work. But there are some tricks that simplify the job…

When I started my first blog, it took me months to get some (between 0 and 30) visitors a day. It was very frustrating but I learned a lot of it. That’s why I started all over again from scratch with a new blog, same niche. Now, after 6 months, I welcome almost 200 visitors a day. That might seem not that much, but the number of visitors grows every day.

That’s why I decided to wrote down some tips. If you’re planning to begin a new blog or web site, this information could be useful information. I don’t say this is a guarantee for success, but it worked for me. These tricks apply on your own WordPress blog or site, so you have to combine them with some internet marketing (guest posting, social media,…)

Tip 1: Start with a good domain name

The first step is to register a good domain name. There are several articles about choosing a good domain name. For me, a good domain name is a domain name that:

  • is easy to remember
  • tells where your blog or web site is about

The easyiest way is to buy a domain name together with your web hosting. But there are also other ways. For example, I bought this domain name (wordpressninja.com) at Sedo.com. Sedo is a marketplace for domain names and websites. I bought it at Sedo for 2 reasons:

  • I was looking for an easy to remember, powerful domain name (and the best domain names were already taken)
  • I prefered a domain name with a Google Page Rank of at least 1

Remember, your domain name is one of the first things your visitors will see. So don’t underestimate the importance of it. The domain name will influence if someone will visit (or not) your blog or web site!

Tip 2: Configure WordPress the right way

After you installed WordPress, it’s important to configure it the right way. This is rather easy, the most important thing is to configure the permalinks the right way.

Tip 3: Install an SEO friendly template

There are a lot of WordPress templates out there. When looking for a template, try to find one that is good for SEO. That doesn’t always mean something magic. For a template it means in the first place that it’s well coded. If you’re not sure, read some user reviews.

Tip 4: Install the right SEO plugins

When creating a new blog or website, I always install 3 plugins:

Google XML Sitemaps creates a new XML sitemap every time you add or edit a page or post. It also pings the major search engines (like Google). So you don’t have to submit your site yourself to these search engines anymore!

All In One SEO Pack contains a lot of little changes for better SEO results. There are also some other plugins (like Yoast SEO plugin). Just choose the one you’re comfortable with, but go for a decent well-known plugin.

SEOPressor is a premium plugin that helps you to write SEO contant. Again, this is not a magic plugin, but in my opinion it’s a great help and very useful if you’re new in writing articles.

Tip 5: Write articles on a regular base

It’s very important to write articles on a regular base. I, for an example, publish 1 article a week on monday for WordPressNinja.Com. That’s not much, but it’s better to publish 1 article a week then to publish 5 articles at the same time and then to publish nothing for 1 month. Of course, the more articles you publish (on a regular base) the faster your site / blog will grow.

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