Best Three Android Mobile Phone Apps for Blogging

For blogging on the go, you want to choose the apps that give you the best overall functionality and experience. Three blogging apps stand above the rest: Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. These three allow you to get your thoughts up on the web easily and effectively. In addition, these programs offer a variety of blogging tools that help you make the most impact with your blog posts.

Gold Medal: WordPress

WordPress Mobile BloggingWordPress mobile blogging app holds the top spot primarily due to the WordPress platform’s incredible functionality both on a mobile phone and on a desktop computer. WordPress is the service behind many professional blogs on the web today. The platform’s complex dashboard gives the blogger the ability to structure a blog site in whatever way he or she desires.

The WordPress app enables users to write new posts, edit existing content, view stats and manage comments. It offers built-in notifications for when someone makes a new comment on one of your posts. Functionality is simple yet complete, and it gives you access to nearly every option on the desktop WordPress dashboard. Additionally, you can set configuration options, play with your layout and organize your keywords through the app.

Finally, WordPress lets you host a blog on your own domain name and server. The other two Android mobile phone deals listed here don’t provide this service. While Tumblr lets you use your own domain name, you still need to use its servers. You can’t use your own domain name or server for a Blogger site.

Silver Medal: Tumblr

Tumblr Mobile Blogging

One of the better social blogging services, Tumblr allows you to post content and easily share it with a network of other interested bloggers. The Tumblr app makes it effortless to post content and share with others. Tumblr is designed for both micro-blogging and long-post blogging, making it a perfect mobile blogging platform. When you are out and about, you are more likely to want to share a micro-blog than a long post. The mobile app also makes it easy to share images, videos, links or other multimedia posts.

The Tumblr mobile app lets you use all the social functions that define the blogging service. Use the Active Community option to look at what other people are blogging, and use the Reblog and Follow options to share and track your favorite blogs. The mobile platform also allows you to configure your Tumblr blog’s themes and appearance, though this interface is complicated and may be difficult for beginners to navigate.

Bronze Medal: Blogger

Blogger Mobile Blogging

While Google’s Blogger platform is one of the most popular free blogging services on the Internet, its associated mobile app is comparatively so-so. It is still among the best on the web, but unlike the Tumblr and WordPress apps, it can’t replace the desktop platform. It is mainly useful for writing drafts of posts before getting them ready for prime time. It supplements a desktop-based blog; it doesn’t transform it into a mobile blog.

Page layouts, advertising, stats, widgets and zones are not as easy to view or customize on the mobile app as they are on the desktop dashboard. Some options are simply not available. Nevertheless, if you just want to use Blogger to write new posts, edit existing posts or comment on past posts, the Blogger mobile app will be perfect for you. The interface is simple and intuitive, so if you know how to post from your desktop, you will be able to post from your mobile phone.

Conclusion on Android mobile phone apps for blogging

Finally, these mobile phone deals are all free apps. Whether your blog is on Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger, you can bring it to your mobile phone at no cost. Whichever app you choose, good luck and happy mobile blogging!

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Mobile Phone Expert where you can compare different mobile phone plans and mobile phone deals.

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