3 Things To Do Before You Start Guest Blogging (by Onibalusi Bamidele)

Almost everybody is guest blogging today due to the fact that guest blogging is very powerful and can result in a lot of opportunities. In my own experience with writing a lot of guest posts in 2 years, one thing I have noticed is that very few people really get the result they deserve from their guest posts on other blogs.

A lot of people spend their time and effort crafting the perfect guest post, they edit their post to make sure it is readable and they do everything within their power to ensure they get results from their guest posts, but at the end, they become surprised when their guest posts don’t bring the desired results, and as a result come to the conclusion that guest blogging doesn’t work. Below, I will be sharing with you 3 things you should do before you start guest blogging.

Prepare Your Blog with Great Content

Guest BloggingThe first step you should take when trying to guest post is to prepare your blog with great content. A lot of people spend hours writing great guest posts to be submitted to other blogs, but when people visit their blogs from their guest posts they end up being disappointed due to the poor quality articles they find on their blogs.

Guest blogging is not just about the blog you are submitting your content to; it is also about your own blog. It can be dangerous to submit great content to other blogs and not cater for your blog. Make sure you prepare your blog with great content whenever you submit a guest post to another blog. That way, whenever visitors from your guest posts land on your blog they will be happy to subscribe due to the quality of articles you write.

Look for Ways to Capture Subscribers

It is also important for you to make it a duty to actively look for ways to capture subscribers from your guest posts. While getting traffic to your blog might be cool, it is the amount of subscribers you have that matters in the end.

Make sure you create a special landing page giving people an incentive to subscribe to your blog. Also work on encouraging people to become a subscriber. Do everything within your power to get people to subscribe to your blog, and you will be able to get them to visit your blog over and over again.

Get in Touch with Your Host to Prepare for an Influx of Traffic

Very few people really pay attention to this, but it can have a whole lot of impact on the results you get from your guest posts. For example, I once wrote a guest post for a big blog in my niche when my blog was still new, and I knew that guest post will send me a lot of readers, only to wake up and discover that my blog has been suspended.

It can be really frustrating to see your blog offline after a big guest post, so make sure you get in touch with your host to let them know you are preparing for a traffic spike.

This guest post is written by Onibalusi Bamidele, the founder of YoungPrePro, a blog where he teaches people how to write. He also provides regular guest blogging tips on his blog.

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