Stay in Touch with Website Design Trends of 2011

Web design is a constantly evolving industry. To develop intriguing websites, a professional designer should stay in touch with the latest trends. Earlier, designers focused only on the creative aspects of websites. However, in recent times, they are paying more emphasis on issues, such as usability and interactivity. Content and its presentation have also gained importance these days.

Currently, the trend is to encourage users to participate in website interaction, rather than staying only as passive participants. We provide you with a brief discussion about the website design trends of 2011.

Minimalism has gained prominence

For the past few years, the trend was to incorporate dark colors, detailed information and large text blocks within the website. Designers wanted to flaunt their creativity by stuffing websites with attractive images. The result was that excessive usage of images and text overloaded minds of the users.

In 2011, the trend is to opt for minimal designs, neat interfaces, and offering relevant information to the users. Remember that in web design industry, minimalism does not indicate mediocrity or an unprofessional attitude.

On the contrary, it refers to a balanced approach. Therefore, if you are currently designing any website, opt for techniques, such as smooth navigation and balanced distribution of information. Avoid overstuffing web pages with text or images.

Big fonts can work

Even few years back, designers’ sole purpose was to provide users with loads of images and information. However, in recent times, the attention has shifted to grab visitor’s attention. Using big fonts is a good way of performing this task. Remember that a powerful title can have a deep impact on the visitors’ mind.

You can even experiment with various fonts within the same webpage. Of course, you have to ensure that the page has a clean look and is visually comfortable.

Textures are important

Plain backgrounds dominated the world of web design for the last few years. However, currently, textures have reappeared in the web design industry. More specifically, the current trend is to combine grungy textures with neat interfaces and big fonts.

The best thing about textures is that they provide the website with a rich look and spice it up a little bit. In 2011, popular textures include grunge and wood. To grab attention of your target audience, you can continue experimenting with textures.

Opt for crispy web elements

Many people these days use mobile phones for surfing Internet. Professionals are therefore, opting for designs that look good on a laptop and on the small screen of a mobile phone as well. This requirement has increased popularity of pixel perfect-a strategy that you can master by implement strong software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

With the help of pixel perfect, you can plan every single detail so that there is no occurrence of blurry areas. You can develop interesting pixel elements by using anti-alias property and ‘Snap to Pixels’ option. Additionally, do not forget to zoom in, while creating web designs. This will ensure that perfection of designs is maintained.

New web design trends come up every year. For this reason, designers should update themselves about the latest trends consistently.

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