Simple but possibly lucrative WordPress related business idea

51596339 a28b2636f8 m Simple but possibly lucrative WordPress related business ideaIf you are a web development company specialized in WordPress development and can’t find leads for development here is a business idea I will call ‘WordPress for Startups’.

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Since WordPress is the most widely spread web publishing platform on the earth, chance is that they will need a WordPress plugin that will bring their application closer to WordPress users.

That’s where you kick in offering a development of such plugin at a reasonable cost. This won’t be too complicated in most cases and by the time you finish two-three deals you will have a framework for building plugins for startups.

On the business end of things, you need to  hunt down your first deal like a predator. Next time you approach a startup you will have a a reference to show which will make things much easier.

With so many new startups every day, you may end up having 1-5 deals a day.

Then up-sell them on a corporate blog. They need to have one, so why wouldn’t you create a customized WordPress theme to match their new site.

Startups need this badly, they just don’t have time.

Here are a couple of sites to hunt for new startups.

Bonus: If you already have a startup that other startups might want to use (like project management, invoicing, server/resources management, etc..) you could also benefit from directly contacting new startups. It’s like a free list of leads.

Would you give it a try?

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