We have liftoff! ManageWP pre-order launched!

I am happy to announce the launch of ManageWP pre-order. Go ahead and secure your 30% discount during the pre-order by signing up now.

In the back

It was almost 30 hours of non-stop work to get the things done in time for the launch date (oh, that sweet start-up launch crunch time). And it also took 18 months and a crew of more or less 10 people around the whole world, to offer this service I am so proud of at this moment.

This exclusive picture shown below depicts the dev team moments after the launch (of course taken with a mobile, as nobody remembered to bring a proper camera – we did have the champagne though 🙂

preorder We have liftoff! ManageWP pre order launched!

I am proud of the whole team as they made ManageWP what it is today – truly a unique platform that helps thousands of people around the world save their precious time. Thanks team and thanks WordPress for building something great!

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