Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketing

Internet marketers need solid Internet service providers to establish a strong connection and a well-designed site to turn that connection into success. WordPress offers an amazing level of functionality for marketers and bloggers alike, especially when you include some of the more powerful plugins that are currently available.

While too many plugins can slow down a site significantly, the right set of plugins can be an invaluable tool for Internet Marketing.

 No Internet marketer should live without these three WordPress plugins:

1. Manage Who Sees Which Ads

Pay per click ads often reward clicks that translate to sales with a higher cost per click while penalizing clicks that don’t translate to sales with low bidding ads that don’t add up to much per click at all. Who Sees Ads is a WordPress ad management plugin that provides all the standard features most need to insert ads into their WordPress blogs plus one large bonus: Who Sees Ads lets you show ads to traffic from specific sources while skipping ads from sources where you know you won’t make any money.

Use Who Sees Ads to make sure searchers who find your marketed sites get ads while the social traffic you’ve used to build up that site’s popularity get the great ad free reading experience they want. Your click through rates will go up alongside your cost per click, while long time readers who come in directly won’t be annoyed by constant advertisements.

Click here for more information about this plugin.

2. WP Super Edit

The WordPress editor comes up short on many of the common functions you may want to make your entries look just right. WP Super Edit addresses this shortfall by adding two columns of additional WYSIWYG options you can use to change font style, format your page with extra CSS or tables, or add extra attributes to images and link properties.

All the buttons WS Super Edit gives you are created with TinyMCE by default, so you can add and remove editing choices to suit your needs.

 Use WS Super Edit to exercise fine control over the layout of your page and increase earnings through better ad placement, careful link control and image attributes that you can use to enhance your keyword optimization.

Internet marketers do better with WordPress when they have fine control over the layout options that allow for a truly optimized page.

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3. Facebook Traffic Pop

Ad clicks can be great, but social media exposure is much better for many types of businesses that benefit from good Internet marketing. Facebook Traffic Pop gives you the ability to set up a Facebook styled pop up for visitors who come to your site that will prompt them to like your page.

Facebook Traffic Pop gives you options to provide users with different opt out options, remove functionality from your site until the prompt is answered, and track users to avoid stopping visitors who’ve already liked your content.

 Use Facebook Traffic Pop to help a site you want exposed go viral as quickly as possible.

With a pop up turning visitors into advertising help, you’ll start seeing all the social traffic your site can handle in almost no time at all.

Click here for more information about this commercial plugin.

And Don’t Forget…

You could slow your site to a barely manageable crawl if you installed all of the WordPress plugins that caught your attention, so it pays to choose only the absolute best options out there. One day Internet service providers may be find a plugin that will give you the speed you need for blogging perfection, but until then you’ll probably be fine managing with barely more than these three WordPress choices.

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