WordPressNinja Turns 1!

Today it’s 1/1/2012. It’s the beginning of a new and wonderful year, but this also means that I’ve been blogging here for 1 year now! Yes, I started WordPressNinja one year ago, and since then, a lot changed here.

Let’s start with the begin. I bought the domain name www.wordpressninja.com in december 2010 from an Australian guy. In January 2011 I started blogging on wordpressninja.com as you know it today. In that time I had between 15 and 25 visits a day! When I look to my last month’s stats, then I see I have around 280 visits a day! So that’s a nice improvement, but I want to do much better in 2012.

The focus of 2011

The focus of 2011 was creating a blog with quality articles and good SEO. Today, 68 articles are online and 78% of my visitors comes through search engines. Although 68 articles might not seem a lot (and maybe it isn’t), for me this is much. I wrote around 60 articles this year, and that’s not bad because I have a full time job and a little web development company.

The focus of 2012

Now I have a solid base, it’s time to go for more visitors. That’s why I’m preparing a PDF tutorial that will be available as a free download. The main goal of that is collecting email addresses which I’ll need for my weekly newsletters later on. And of course, I still will try to write around 50-60 articles this year. Next to that I’m also looking forward to great guest articles.

Some stats

Google PageRank: 4

Total amount of visitors in 2011: 51,904

Total amount of page views in 2011: 79,366

Total income of 2011: around $ 450 (but costs were much higher ;-) so it’s not that I’m making any profit)

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