Help me name my new gaming company

I think startups are great. That’s what makes me feel excited to start another one 🙂

I have always been into gaming, either playing games or creating them. And I have always dreamed of having a game studio. Now I am in the position to make that dream come true.

I have gathered team of 13 people (we are still hiring) that are working on releasing our first title for Apple’s iPad. It will be an educational game for kids, hidden object engine, with a twist.

This is what the game looks after one month of development. Working title is Starkey & Peggy’s Great Adventure.

We expect over 40 levels of fun, great animations and fabulous sounds to keep the child engaged and learning about urban surrounding, forest, sea and mountains.

Hey! I am also looking for a suitable name for the new company. Help me pick the best!


  • Ticbit
  • Any Key to Play
  • Do While Play
  • Gravity Fun
  • Gameonium
  • Gaming Byte
  • Mad Council
  • Mouse Aim

Please cast your vote in the comments below or suggest a different name.

You have five points to spend in your votes, spend them any way you like (ie. one name gets 5 pts, or 3+1+1 etc..)

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