Startup Ideas I’d like to invest in


There isn’t enough time in the world to build everything yourself so here are a couple of startup ideas I would consider investing in.

1. Startup culture service

I’d like to see (and use) a service that helps promote your mission and vision to your employees, helps form better teams, increase productivity and just generally helps with running a startup company.

Generally startups that help other startups have great opportunity now. I am building one on my own right now as a matter of fact – a SaaS metrics dashboard startup.

2. A modern survey tool

I am absolutely amazed how SurveyMonkey is still running the show given how outdated their tool is. There is definitely space in the market for a beautiful forms startup.

3. New communication device

I even have pitch for this.

Mobile phone is a fashion item.  Thank you very much. Introducing Kommunicator.

Kommunicator is a personal communication device based on the basic principles of communication – voice and text.

The device works by connecting to a wifi network. Does not use GSM networks. (If I am driving I do not want the phone to ring anyway. The notice will be stored until I am comfortable and on a wifi. No more interrupts. This is a personal device.)

It has a display and a keypad.

All communication is VOIP based and free. All text exchange is free.

Very low resource usage. Low production cost. Long battery life (>2 weeks)

You do not have a phone number, you choose your own unique ID. Think Internet domains. I can be ‘vladimir’. You type that and reach me.

Now what if ‘vladimir’ identifier also stores something else. How about my public profile? Or a ‘web’ page that can be viewed on the device, but also on the regular Internet through Kommunicator website.


4. Baby stroller that is clever and actually light

Once you’ll have children you’ll know what I mean. It is incredible what’s on the market and they are getting away with this. So much room for innovation.

Stroller concept

5. City car that is actually cleverly designed

There are four main things a city car needs to have. Small size, large boot, highest safety rating, low fuel consumption. It’s about time somebody combines these.

6. Flying cars

It’s about time these appear and actually work.  Quadcopter concepts show promise.

Flying car

Entrepreneurs, please stop wasting your mind cells trying to invent a new photo sharing service. There are much more cooler things to do.

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