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Vital Living - Issue #1

Vital Living – Issue #1

Three months ago a team of industry professional assembled and decided to create something special.

Today I am very happy to announce the Vital Living magazine, the Vital Living website and the associated Facebook Vital Living fan page.

From the website teaser

“The best kept nutritional secret – that should never have been a secret in the first place – is now out in the open:

Maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean eating bland food, never indulging yourself or starting an urban hunter-gatherer cult.

You just have to apply your common sense. Get some facts straight. Use a pinch of creativity.

And enjoy yourself.

Vital Living is here to help you with that.

Vital Living means choosing paths of knowledge, beauty, pleasure, and style.

The goal of Vital Living is to explore all these paths for you and leave warning signs at all the wrong turns.

Vital Living is how you could be living right now.”

Articles like Healthy Fast Food: Homemade Soup in Minutes!  or Sweets that Won’t Put on the Pounds: Apples with Hazelnuts are the taste of topics you can expect.

Homemade soup in minutes

If you want to read something different, I encourage you to try Vital Living.

First issue is free, and we already have published the second one. Download now on the AppStore!



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