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Ever since we started using the first beta of the finance app one thing was obvious – the app was great for handling travel expenses.

At least for us as we like to travel a lot. I do not carry a smartphone but I do carry an iPad mini to such travels and my wife, punctual as she is with expenses, likes to use the app several times a day to keep track of the travel expenses.

History of expenses


During the recent roadtrip (California, Utah, Arizona) we used the app to precisely know how much the entire trip cost us and also have a log of all expenses.

Editing an expense with

Entering new data is easy and is done with just a couple of clicks.

While the app may still struggle to enter the hearts and homes of those who want to keep all their finances together (after all it is a big market where Mint is still undisputed king), the app certainly at least for us rules the travel expense logging part of the market.

Have you tried yet? Tell me what you think!

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