We have liftoff! Churnbee has been launched!

Six months ago I set up on the mission to bootstrap a startup in one morning. What started as one particularly inspirational morning, became a product that launched the beta today. Welcome to Churnbee!


ChurnBee is a business intelligence/analytics tool for SaaS companies. We decided that a lot of companies end up building their own dashboards, but they shouldn’t. That’s our core business now.

ChurnBee uses “recipes” to bring the most important data to the founders, team members and investors – following advice by leading industry experts and SaaS evangelists likeĀ Jason Cohen, David Skok, Joel York and Dave McClure.


Churnbee widget

One of ChurnBee recipes, Signups


David Skok once said that “Human nature is such that if you show someone a metric, they will automatically work to try to improve it” and this really resonates with me, specially after seeing the fantastic results that this way of thinking had on theĀ ManageWP support team performance. I expect that ChurnBee will have the similar effect on founders and startup teams.

Together with the service we have also launched the ChurnBee blog which will cover topics about SaaS, metrics and optimizing startup performance.

If you are a startup founder, check out ChurnBee.com and sign up for the beta today!

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