Why I work at Devana


One of the sure ways to know you love your work is to ask yourself whether you love Sunday nights. I love Sunday nights!

They make me full of positive anticipation for the next morning at work.

And why is that? Because I have a feeling I am going to be among my own people. My friends and comrades-in-arms (err keyboards).

It is a very powerful feeling and I consider it a pinnacle of any professional career.


I heart our office.

It’s such a wonderful place to be. In some ways it’s even better than my own apartment.

And given how large it is, it’s never dull.


Davor i Olja

Our people are wonderful.

I have a feeling that I am working with most talented developers in the country. And it’s not only the engineering I am proud of, our customer happiness dept is second to none.

The amount of dedication that I am seeing in these young people is inspiring me every day.


I am enjoying my time at work.

Even when the meetings are nerve-wracking I like how at the end we all end up wiser. And some of our people are weird enough to make sure there is no shortage of laughs in the halls.


There is no shortage of challenges in Devana.

In a meeting with the team yesterday I got asked this:

“This release has being such a big struggle. When will it finally end?” I smiled and replied “As soon as one struggle ends, another one will begin.”


I am surrounded by people smarter than me.

There is nothing more empowering at work than knowing you are in the company of people who are smarter than you.


We are creating our own intellectual property for our future.

And by working on our own products, we are able to play, experiment and try new things.


Nowhere else I worked, I didn’t have such a demanding and hard-to-please environment.

For example we just had a company-wide, unconditional, salary rise. And there were no cheers, no applause 🙂

These people are tough, hard working and I grew to love that.


We started giving back from day one.

Ten percent of our profit each month is funneled to helping entrepreneurship in Serbia, through our “Zivojin Misic” foundation.


Devana is located in Belgrade, Serbia.

I traveled United States, entire Europe, and good portion of Asia and I am in the position to live and work in basically any city on the planet. But Belgrade is awesome! Not only it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world but there is also abundance of possibilities for young people, families, education, science, research, business. Everything I could wish for!

If you want to consider a career at Devana, check out devana.rs

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