Should You Learn WordPress in 2018? Tips from a WP Freelancer

Should You Learn WordPress in 2018? That’s the topic of this video where I cover some of the reasons why you may want to consider becoming a WordPress Theme or Plugin Developer or even a WordPress Consultant in 2018.

WordPress is used by over 30% of the modern web and that means that there are millions of potential clients you can have to market your services.

Learn To Code a WordPress Theme:

As a WordPress Theme or Plugin Developer, you can create custom solutions for business owners and bloggers or you can even sell your themes and plugins on your website or on a large market place.

As a WordPress Consultant, you can help people and business owners choose the right theme and mix of plugins they should use on their site and you can also help configure them to ensure they are properly setup. This is a valuable service that can make you serious income while helping your clients save a significant amount of time.

You can also offer SEO Services and Social Media Services to your clients.

Being a freelance web designer focusing on WordPress, it does take a significant amount of effort. The competition is serious and you will have to commit to working harder than you probably ever have.

Being a freelancer is not easy work but it could be extremely rewarding if done right.

So is this path for you? Only you can answer.

I recommend taking every tutorial that focuses on WordPress and become a true professional.

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