How To Reverse Engineer WordPress Themes & Plugins

In this video, I show you my process on How To Reverse Engineer WordPress Themes & Plugins.

Learn To Code for WordPress

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

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This is a great way to learn how to code and also to identify what themes and plugins are actually doing to your WordPress Website on the front end, back end and in the database.

This is how you can research how WordPress works and you can take your coding skills to the next level by analyzing pre-existing code from well established plugins and themes from the WordPress Repository.

WordPress is an Open Source piece of software which means it’s there for all to view, analyze, learn from and extend. WordPress has made it possible for people to create websites without knowing how to code and also opened the doors for freelance web developers like me to earn a living by selling themes and custom WordPress Website Design and Development Services.

Anyone can learn how to code and that’s why I create videos on coding and show you the code that I use.

So enjoy this video and learn how to reverse engineer WordPress from the inside out and maybe you can create your very own WordPress Design and Development Agency creating Themes and Plugins.

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