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Everything that shines is not golden

A while ago I purchased wooden keys for my keyboard from It promised to be simple to put onto your existing keys and provide better tactile feedback. Plus it is wood that you would be typing on which is better than plastic.numerickeyboard_1024x1024


I bought it impulsively as one usually does things that sell based on design value alone. “Ever wish you could have luxurious rosewood or beautiful bamboo keys on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Apple keyboard? Well, with the Wood Keyboard by RAWBKNY, you can!” – I am of those who did not resist this messaging.

They use laser cutting to drill letters and numbers and when it arrived 4-5 keys that I had were burnt. Contacted the support, exchanged couple of emails and they refused to replace them.

I took what I had and spent the better part of the day putting it on. It didn’t look as pretty as on the picture but mind you for that I can blame myself – if I had the patience and the time I probably could have achieved similar result.

After a few months typing on it I never got used to it. It never felt right, the keys were both too tall, and the tactile feeling was itchy. I finally decided to remove the keys yesterday and was blessed with the original typing sensation. I left the wooden keys on the numeric keypad, as a reminder to me that everything that shines is not golden.

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