My next car is going to be a Tesla Model X


If you missed the launch event:

Now why did I decide that I like this car so much that I want to make it my next car.

Number one reason is safety. If you are an SUV buyer you most likely have kids, and you value nothing more in a car than safety. And Tesla X has five star rating in every safety category, something no car achieved ever before. That alone is amazing.

Number two reason is that it is powered by (almost) free energy. Number two reason is power and technology. Number four is storage.

Number five is that the entire launch is a breath of fresh air in its modesty and setting expectations. Steve Jobs set a bar for fancy stage events that would make the fanboys drool for weeks. Elon Musk is acting like an ordinary human, you and me, would launching an extraordinary product. Hats down for that.

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