Dating is like job hunting

2710130970 f5cd0a137f m Dating is like job huntingIt just struck me. I don’t know if that was something obvious that everybody knew, but I need to make a note.

Dating is exactly like job hunting. You end up browsing ads, going to blind dates, expecting the person across you will be suitable for you. But they rarely are.

You get disappointed as everything looks great on the outside but once you meet them better you start to realize there is a lot to be desired. But then you stick around because you think you have no other options.

Same thing with jobs.

But in fact everything is very simple as you need to know only two things.

You need to recognize when something is good for you.

And you need social connections. Best dates (jobs) come from your own circle of friends.

And wow, I am getting married in 3 days 🙂


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