How to Make Money Online Without Having Your Own Products

It’s hard to believe that you can start making money online just by creating a website or publishing a blog without having to experience it first or know someone who does. It is like “To see is to believe” or “Photos or it never happened” kind of thing, but to make money online without having your own products and just a blog or a website is not a myth. It is a fact. It is like the air you breathe—it is real but you just could not see it; and knowing that you have a heart or pair of lungs even without seeing them with your own eyes yet.

But money doesn’t just come easily because you want it. You have to work hard and learn as many things as you can to be able to succeed online. So, what are your options as a newbie in online marketing?

Create a website or a blog

To create a website, you only need as little as $20 to start with a domain name and a webhosting plan. When you’re too lucky, you can have them for free or at a discounted price. Once you create your own website, it allows you open windows to endless possibilities of making money in the internet. What can you do with a website? Here are some of your choices:

1. Learn and Earn from PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is a very popular internet advertising model that allows you to receive payment from publishers each time their ads on your site are being clicked. So that means, as a webmaster, you have full control as to how you can drive the traffic to go your site because that means a large potential of getting a good amount of clicks and revenue in return.

2. Write relevant and useful information within a niche

The secret to producing high quality content is to write about something that you really know about. If you know how to create herbal medicines and home remedies, write about it and focus your energy in creating useful content on that niche. If you added Google AdWords, you will surely earn something from writing niche content.

3. Making money from In-text Links

In-text link ads, such as the one from Infolinks, are ads that double underline the keyword inside your content. Earnings are calculated in the number of page impressions and clicks. So this requires traffic and good keyword research from a webmaster’s end.

4. Paid Blogging and Paid Reviews

Write as much high quality product reviews as you can and eventually attract clients to pay you for every review or blog you do for them. If this does not happen, you can submit your blog to websites that pay for blogs such as SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, and Payu2blog.

5. Build a website’s popularity, drive in traffic, and sell it

Look how some website ideas became an eye candy for huge companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Youtube, for example, is sold to Google for $1.65 billion. You probably have an idea that can be sold in more than a billion dollars, so why not start now?


The keys to making money out of the five ways listed previously are creativity and hard work. These are already tried and tested ways on how to earn, but, what will make you earn money online is an idea that makes a difference—something that is innovative enough to make life easier, technology wise.

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