15 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog!

I’ve been blogging for over 1 year know. I’m still looking forward to write much more articles. Why? For me there are several reasons:
  • Blogging is fun!
  • Share your vision /ideas
  • Promote your business
  • It’s a way to make money
  • Promote yourself as an expert
  • It’s easy to start, you don’t need any technical knowledge!
  • It’s cheap: software is free, hosting prices are reasonable
  • You want to become famous
  • Train your writing skills
  • Connect with other bloggers
  • It’s satisfying
  • It motivates to read (a lot of) other blogs
  • It engages to work more / harder
  • It commits to be inventive
  • Blogging is what we call multimedia: it’s easy to integrate video (YouTube), presentations (Slideshare), audio,…
If you have another reason to blog in mind, please let me know through the comments!

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