TGIF – 301 Me to your leader

SOPA is on the back burner, for now, due to overwhelming protest and concern from public!
SOPA is Dead

Not my turn for a full post, I’m cheating because it’s Friday..

Sopa Stinks!

(..and SOPA does stink. P-U!)
Just wanted to end the week with a predictable poke at SOPA...
Last I looked they were in recess but I’ll be checking later on and I think Dave will be making a full post on SOPA soon!

We don’t want to totally sidetrack the SEO topics, but trust us when we say that the passing of this bill will effect everyone in a big way, from the big search engine optimizers to the little guy running an ad driven info portal.

Till then, have a great weekend!
If you’re a man after my own heart, this would be a good time to go start your XMas shopping. ;)

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