Sprouting a New Year

Happy 2012 everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and responsible new years while still having as much fun as those who didn’t!?

I know safety and responsibility were duly addressed as this is pretty much how I celebrated 2012:

Forever alone for new years
My resolution for 2012 is to celebrate harder.

This new year of technology will bring many many things for website owners, promoters, and the users. Yes, there will more than just calendar panic, and while we’d love to tell you to hurry up and get your site to #1 on Google before the world ends, there will be insights into improvements and new options for promoting your company, products, and services on-line.

So what’s sprouting today? I have to be honest here and admit I’m still unpacking xmas gifts and sorting myself out from the holidays.

One work related gift was a ‘Chia Bart’ from a secret Santa (thanks Dave!):

Chia Bart

I was just telling a client that people love to watch things grow and improve, we’re kinda wired biologically to do that. In his case the products he sells grow and they are FASCINATING to learn about so I’m hoping they take my advice and start publishing more info.

As proof of how easy and interesting it is to watch something grow, I’ve decided to track ‘Chia Bart’ via the blog and let everyone share the fun of giving clay a hair cut.

Week One:

Week One of the life of Beanstalk SEO's Chia Bart

At this point I made the pancake syrup out of the seed mix and I applied it to the head leaving it to ‘stick’ while I was off on vacation.

Normal Chia Pets are sprouting between day 3-5, with the instructions for Bart saying 1 week to sprout.

Looking at the picture I have to wonder if the holidays or dry air didn’t ruin my first attempt?

Time will tell!

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