Things are good. Actually, great.

In case you are wondering why it took one month for this blog post, it’s because things were doing really good. Great, actually.

sleepy alreadyTwo days ago I became a dad to a beautiful baby girl, Petra. As my friend says, I am no longer the son, now I am the father. I have witnessed the birth and it’s the kind of experience I would recommend to all future dads.

We started preparing for this about a month ago, buying all the things for the baby’s room. Gosh there are so many things you need, and you have no clue about them.

At the same time I was approaching the high point of my professional career so far, with the launch of the ManageWP startup. 18 months of hard work, considerable investment in money and time and we finally pulled it off. The launch day is here, but I can be relaxed knowing that the team did a great job preparing for the event.

I want to be spending more time with my family, and knowing that everything is set up and running fine at work means a lot for the peace of mind. Becoming profitable after the pre-order month does help too.

In about a month from now I will be visiting my estate on the island of Brac to prune the olive trees. We got 18 trees, and this gives us about 50-60 liters of pure olive oil every year. I often think how lucky I am to have this. I know that no matter what happens I will always have this priceless sanctuary to go to when I get older.

All pieces started to fall into the right place at the right time.

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