Easy Way to Check Your Backlinks using Google Analytics

Busker in IgnorelandIt sounds obvious but many people fail to realize that google analytics is able to provide them with a list of not only the backlinks to the site but also those best performing backlinks.

So next time you see in the reports Referring sites sent 5,882 visits via 680 sources expand those sources to find backlinks from places you did not even know existed.

There are several things to do from there.

  1. Use filters (excludes/contains keyword) to find interesting sources
  2. Check why they gave you a backlink and find a way to get more using the same principle
  3. You can also check the incoming visits for conversions to see should you invest more in that source of traffic
  4. At the very least you can check the incoming traffic for bounce rate and identify the sources that do very well for you. Send a thank you email to them

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