Take a break, you need it

A Taste of ParadiseOh boy do I like to work. I often have 14 or 16 hour work sprees. I am addicted to work. Work brings me satisfaction and expands my horizons.

But you know what? Best ideas that I ever had, happened during my time off work. Like when strolling down the shore line. Or driving.

Almost as if my brain refuses to come up with something really creative unless it’s in idle mode. When I am forcing it to come up with a great solution to a problem – nothing. Nada. Zilch. It does not want to cooperate when I want it.

Let it go – and suddenly I am overwhelmed with a surge of ideas. And all good ones.

And guess what? It’s the same with other things in life. As long you push something really hard it won’t happen. You need to take a break, let it go and it will come to you.

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