How do you check how many visitors does any website have?

Whether you are spying on your competition or you just want to see how does your website stack up against similar, knowing the traffic information for any website can be useful.

Here are couple of tools I use. Note: none of the tools will give you the accurate information, but they will give you pretty good comparative data


Quantcast give you the estimated number of US visitors only. It also has a wealth of demographics information.



Compete also shows US visitors only and does it through deals with ISPs in the US.


Doubleclick Ad Planner by Google

This is the tool I usually use. It also provides a wealth of other data.


Google Trends for Website

This free google service allows you to compare any websites for traffic. It also provides some other useful information. The site needs to be above certain threshold of visits to show up.



This tool focuses on search engine traffic only and you’ll get the expanded report.


Bonus tip

If the site is using to display advertising you can find it’s listing and get pretty accurate pageviews data.

All the tools described above are available with a click of the button from my SEO Doctor Firefox extension.

Are you spying on your competition?


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