New Year Resolution 2014

The new year´s resolutions

Getting rid of Facebook, Twitter and Google

I am overwhelmed with content. Everything I do is pumping content to my head. Whether it is email (Gmail Meter says I received 19,000 emails in December), Facebook, Twitter, feeds, TV (hundreds of channels don’t help), news, and then of course advertising. So I decided to cut off three companies that I think are doing a great job of bombarding with me information I don’t need, so much that the only time I can find time to read a book is when I do not have Internet (like when on a plane).

I plan to replace Facebook and Twitter with nothing, and Google with alternative tools (including search and email solution). I have already deleted my Facebook account (that was amazingly easy – and relieving!), plan to get rid of Twitter by the middle of the year, and Google by the end of the year.

Focus on creating amazing products

I have ridden a startup wave for couple of years , and as creator of software I can say that we are caught on a wave of money and fame, forgetting what is really important. We chase VC money, dream about growth, race on perks, and – produce crappy software that barely works.

We should care for the user using our products, and have decency not to ship broken stuff.

That’s it. Two is more than enough and I would add – a quite a challenge.



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