That’s it Firefox, you are gone

google chromeI’ve been a diligent user of Firefox since it came out. Even though other browser followed, I kind of stick with it mainly for the excellent Firebug, Xmarks and SEO Doctor extensions.

However, with their recent rapid release cycle things were getting a bit out of hand. I am constantly experiencing crashes (couple of times a day) and slowdowns (as soon as I have a of tabs opened).

Since I am a kind of the person that spends most of their time in a browser, it turns out that I spend 10 minutes of my time each day waiting for my browser to restart or react.

Given that I will use a web browser for the next 30 years and some math, that comes to 1825 hours of my time on earth! 76 days of my life wasted waiting for the browser to do it’s job!

It stops today, and after searching the web for reviews of current browsers I am writing this post in Google Chrome.


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