Growing the company by growing the employees

All the usual advice about leadership and running a business seem to be based on last-century way of thinking.

What if focusing on employees is actually the best investment of CEO time?

I was inspired by this speech by a guy named Vishaed CEO of MindValley, hope it inspires you as well.

Interestingly there is a story that Vishan shared after speaking to Richard Branson.

So while having dinner with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, his private hangout in the British Virgin Islands, I finally got to ask him a question I’ve always wanted to ask.

We had been talking about life, fatherhood, kids, spiritual ideas, business and more. And I finally asked him…

“Richard, there have been so many theories about what makes you tick. I mean the 300+ companies, taking man to space, and all the other crazy epic things you do. But if YOU had to boil it down to ONE thing. Just one thing. What would your advice be?”

And this is what Branson told me. (Note that I’m paraphrasing a bit, because I did not record this.)

“It’s all about finding and hiring people smarter than you. Getting them to join your business. And giving them good work. Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision. That’s important. And here’s the main thing… you must make them see their work as a MISSION.”

I really like what Richard said – hire people smarter than you and the get out of their way!

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