Spam producing hydra needs to be eliminated and a first startup to do so will be a humanity saver

Burlingham Mill - HDRWhen I open my inbox, I find between 100-200 messages that have been marked as spam by Gmail, and then about 50 more that I mark as spam.

Every single day.

There are all these different types of spam – drugs, dating, services that I don’t need, lists that I never subscribed to, comment spam, random messages…

They all have one thing in common – I will never reply to any of them and yet I keep getting more and more of them. I would actually reply if Gmail had a button that automatically replied “Because you are a (insert curse word) spammer, I have reported you and your website to Google. Thank you.” and it actually did something.

While Gmail is doing a pretty good job at filtering spam it is not doing anything to eliminate the root of the problem – creation and distribution of spam itself. So there is obviously a room for a startup company to solve this problem. I don’t know how, but I hope some new smart kid will do.

And such a company would actually be useful to humanity unlike photo filtering apps or 3D avatar chats.


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